Complete as frases usando I, YOU, HE, SHE. IT: a) _______am not Carlos. My name is Charles. b) This is my teacher, Paul. _____ is very nice. c) My sister’s name is Maggie. ________ is ten years old. d) What’s this? ________ is a dictionary. e) How are ___________today? Área: Linguagens e Códigos Valor: 100 Nota: _______ CADA ACERTO VALE: 2,8 a) ____are friends. Eles são amigos. c) _____ is a girl. Ela é uma menina. b) ____ is a boy. Ele é um garoto. d) _____ am student Eu sou um estudante. QUESTÃO 6: Complete a cruzadinha com as expressões em inglês: QUESTÃO 3. Complete as frases com AM, IS, ARE: a) Good morning. I ____Sue. Nice to meet you. b) This is John. He ____________ my brother. c) _____she your mother? No, she _______not. d) What _____ this in English? It _________a notebook. e) I _____ ten years old, you _____ eleven, and your sister _________ ten.




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